The Art and Science of Individualized Pharmaceutical Care

While working with your practitioner, a compounding pharmacist can customize nearly any prescription medication to suit your individual needs. The possibilities are nearly limitless! Remember – compounded medications are dispensed only with a written prescription from a licensed practitioner.

Some examples of where compounding is beneficial include:


Adding a flavor often helps when orally dosing a finicky animal — eliminating undue trauma to pet and owner. And when an oral medication just won’t do, many drugs can be compounded into a trans-dermal gel. Imagine giving your animal a soothing ear rub while administering its prescription! Also, dosage adjustments can be important when dealing with a tiny animal like a small bird or a large animal like a horse. (Veterinary compounds, remember, are not intended for use in food animals.)


Flavorings help here, too. Avoid those squished-up faces when you give an “icky” medicine! Many times manufactured medications are not made with little ones in mind.  Sometimes a child needs a dose adjusted for height/weight proportion. Not too weak, not too strong . . . just right! In addition, compounding pharmacists can often change the delivery method to something more fun like a syrup, a lollipop, or a freeze pop.

Pain Management

For acute and chronic pain, patients might benefit from various compounds such as topical pain-relieving gels. The gels can work at the site of action, often preventing side effects such as gastrointestinal upsets, because they are not taken orally.

**We are capable of making formulations to be responsive to drug sensitivities and allergies**

Prospect Apothecary is more that just a pharmacy. We are committed to helping patients achieve maximum health benefits from the medications prescribed by their physicians. We prepare and dispense medications using only the highest quality chemicals, vehicles, flavors, and excipients. This pharmacy has the equipment and facilities to assure that final products meet the highest standards.
Not only can we help you with your pharmaceutical needs, we can help you live better by offering consultations and help with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy regimens.
Nutritional Consultations

Proper nutrition is a beneficial part of a healthy lifestyle. Prospect Apothecary can offer you nutrition consultations. If you need nutritional supplements, we offer a full line of products from Xymogen, Metagenics and Jarrow to supplement your dietary needs.